Are your Young Adult Children Protected?

Young adults rarely think about estate planning because they often have no assets (real estate, car, etc.).  However, they are just as in need of planning as any other older adult.  If your 18 year old is attending college in another state you likely will not be able to communicate with your child’s doctors, even in an emergency. Imagine your child is in an automobile accident in a distant state and you cannot talk to their doctor because they are unconscious or unable to give permission- every parent’s worst nightmare come true.  The problem is easily solved by ensuring that your young adult has a Durable Power of Attorney and Advanced Directive, giving you the automatic right to speak with the hospital.  These documents are inexpensive and easily amended as the children age and perhaps want to pass agency to a spouse.  Until then, don’t let your children go unprotected.

– Kathryn Bedell, Esq.


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