Timeshares: Lots of fun until you die…

If you have not properly planned, timeshares can inadvertently saddle your loved ones with headaches and needless expenses when you die.  Few people realize that most timeshares are deeded real property, even if it is only a week in Sedona or two weeks in Hawaii.  If you own the timeshare jointly with someone (e.g., a spouse or friend), you may be fine.  But what if you and your spouse die in a common accident?  Or your spouse has passed and you now own it yourself alone?   Owning real property subjects you to a probate in that state when you die.  If you do own a timeshare, make sure you have thought about succession planning.  Some options are to place the timeshare in a trust, or to add a child or friend you wish to inherit your timeshare deed before you die (assuming they are willing to take on the annual expense after you are gone).  Otherwise, you may end up costing your family far more money dealing with the timeshare than it is actually worth, not to mention the added stress!    

-Kathryn Bedell, Esq.


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