Update Your Beneficiary Designations

Many people have not looked at the beneficiary designations on their Life Insurance, Retirement or Annuity Accounts for years.  With most of these accounts, you were most likely prompted to designate a beneficiary when you first opened the account.  People do not realize that any beneficiary designation made on these accounts will override their will, trust, or other estate planning documents executed.  Too often, an ex-spouse is inadvertently left as a beneficiary or a later born child is omitted.  Taking the extra step to add contingent beneficiaries to retirement accounts can even result in dramatic tax savings for your loved ones.  A few minutes of work on your end can eliminate grief and consternation for your heirs after you pass.

So please, review all those designations to ensure they reflect your current wishes. 

-Kathryn Bedell, Esq.


05/22/2022 by saurasy

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