Why Title Insurance is a MUST

If you own real estate that you have inherited and you don’t have title insurance, consider it. People instinctively think that since it’s been in the family for years, there are no title issues.   Unfortunately, properties owned for generations are by far the very properties that do have title issues. These properties have usually not been mortgaged, so the titles have not been vetted. Title insurance is an insured statement of the condition of your title or ownership rights to the property.  It guarantees you own the property.  Don’t get to the closing and find out you have title defects, which can cause major issues.


05/09/2022 by Sleesee

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07/21/2022 by Amy Saunders

Oh, dear. This is such an eye-opening article. I guess it would totally make sense if I inform my step-aunt about all the details mentioned here so she'll be convinced to acquire the right policy pretty soon. No one has ever told me before that it's absolutely compulsory to obtain a title insurance if our real estate property isn't put under any kind of mortgage. She must take note of this matter because she's about to inherit a piece of land from her father-in-law once he finalizes his will next year. http://www.courtsquaretitleagency.com/

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